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We are a California small business, specializing in open-vat hand-crafted cheese. While striving to uphold a standard of quality & taste, we firmly believe the best flavor can only be achieved with our skilled handiwork and family farmstead practices. We use California milk, and good old-fashioned waiting. Our unique artisan cheese offerings include cow, sheep, and goat milk with a wide variety of textures and flavors sure to please any crowd.

our perspective

Our Artisanal cheeses are made by the hands of skilled craftsman, and are often aged or ripened to create complex flavor and textural characteristics. They bear little resemblance to the mild flavored cheeses that get mass-produced in large-scale operations. Our small, open-vat practices allow us to carefully monitor each batch from beginning to end, ensuring the very best flavor in each and every wheel. because we take our time, following recipes of old-world Europe, our flavors mature to their prime before consumption. We believe in supporting local, so our milk comes from California dairies, giving the ancient recipes a modern twist, and our cheeses unique flavor profiles you wont find anywhere else!

Vintage Cheese in numbers

+gallons of milk per week
+ lbs of cheese made weekly
+ flavors... so far!
+ cows, sheep & goats that supply our milk

cheese made them talk

  • If heaven ain't a lot like Bravo Farms, I don't want to go. Things you need to do here: 1. Sample the Vintage Cheese 2. Feed the chickens 3. Climb the treehouse

    Brian K. West Hollywood, CA
  • "...The place is a MUST STOP on the way to Yosemite. There is the world's largest tree house, tons of memorabilia and places for kids to play. They have a small sandwich shop type restaurant and store (complete with FREE cheese tasting...yes please!)..."

    Shelby B. Aliso Viejo, CA
  • "...But seriously... trust the signs, if you have kids, you want to stop..."

    Niki M Simi Valley, CA
  • This place is great! We stopped by on our way back from Yosemite and I am so glad we did. We shared a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, which was very tasty, sampled some wine at their wine tasting area, climbed the world's largest 7 story treehouse, and bought some delicious cheese from their store. Try the sage flavor if you're a cheese lover.

    Jak Leroy D. Hidden Hills, CA
  • This was a fun stop! Great place to stop and explore! ... sampled wine and cheese, watched cheese being made in their factory and then got to pet and feed chickens, goats, roosters, parrots .. And donkeys!  Awesome antique collection as well!

    Helen H. Goodman, MO

dedicated staffs

  • Ryan
    Ryan OWNER
  • Cheese Makers
  • Efrain
    Efrain MANAGER
  • José
  • Michelle

Interesting Cheese fact

“Cheese is abundant in protein and calcium, and also contains phosphorus, vitamin B and fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin B is proven to help defend the body from disease. Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids are also present in cheese and may aid in the prevention of cancer”


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